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Our Extensive Corporate and Commercial Legal Services

Saluja Law Offices has extensive knowledge and experience across many areas of corporate and commercial law. A few primary practice areas encompass a great many legal rules and guidelines. In addition, there are several sets of legal regulations of which business owners and interested parties need to be aware. Saluja Law Offices is your go-to resource.

Environmental Law

Saluja Law Offices represents clients looking to solve major environmental problems. With experience in areas such as waste management, contaminant cleanup, and chemical safety, Mr. Saluja knows what it takes to help his clients comply with the law in the most environmentally compliant manner. His successful projects range from matters affecting private corporations and large government contracts. Mr. Saluja has coordinated various functions, including project management, negotiation with government entities and/or environmental groups, and ensuring strict compliance with the negotiated terms.

As general counsel and president at WTI, an environmental construction contractor, Mr. Saluja was exposed to many areas of law pertinent to a business or organization, including employment law and contracts. Through his extensive work with various organizations, he oversaw the administration of contracts and worked to protect his company’s interests.

Corporate Law

Corporate law is a complex area of law that requires adhering to strict guidelines and processes. In West Virginia, there are multiple business structures, each with its own requirements, benefits, and drawbacks. Saluja Law Offices is well-equipped to handle any type of corporate matter, from business start-up to controversies surrounding business agreements.

We currently provide a wide range of services for corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, and other business organizations and act as general counsel for numerous entities, from sole proprietorships to large corporations. We are often called upon to assist with complex business transactions and corporate litigation. We regularly work on business formations, financing transactions, the negotiation and drafting of contracts, along with mergers and acquisitions.


A well-written contract is more than “nice to have.” It is critically important in today’s business and legal environment. We provide legal counsel and negotiation expertise that allows our clients to understand the risks, benefits, and costs of a contract. When everything goes right, a contract spells out your expectations. When there is a problem, a solid contract protects your interests.

We assist clients in a broad range of contract matters, including:

  • Corporate governance documents: shareholder agreements, buy/sell agreements, close corporation agreements, operating agreements, partnership agreements;
  • Acquisition documents: asset purchase contract, stock purchase agreements, membership interest purchase agreements
  • Business transactional documents: royalty and licensing agreements, distributorship agreements, franchising agreements, sales contracts, warranties, equipment leases; supplier and customer agreements;
  • Real estate agreements: purchase/sale agreements, leases, construction agreements.

Whatever you need, Saluja Law Offices has the legal and business knowledge to help you obtain the most favorable possible outcome.

Corporate Governance

With our experience as corporate general counsel, we are well-positioned to help boards of directors and corporate executives understand and fulfill their duties. We can help you out both before and after problems arise. We can also help your business establish policies and procedures to avoid problems.

The potential pitfalls are severe, but often corporate executives and board members do not have the time to keep up with corporate governance issues. We can help guide you through your regulatory obligations, so you are positioned to make informed decisions

Business Transactions

No matter how big or small, we know every transaction is personal to you and your company. We have represented clients in many types of corporate and finance transactions and are ready to help you succeed. We offer solutions, understanding that your primary objective is to get the deal done.

Joint Ventures

Joint ventures and strategic alliances between companies are common in today’s business world, and they offer numerous financial benefits.
Collaborations take on many forms, such as marketing and promotional campaigns, fundraising for technology ventures, research and development concepts, or joint product development projects.
Joint ventures are partnerships between two or more businesses that create a new company. Each contributor supplies their own resources to the joint purpose. Joint ventures are often more long-term in nature and have their own specific risks and profit-sharing.

Some specific challenges to joint ventures include:

  • Business Structure and Corporate Governance
  • Tax Issues
  • Real Estate Law
  • Oil and Mineral Rights
  • Intellectual Property
  • Labor and Employment Issues
  • Competition
  • Trade and Antitrust Issues
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Distribution

At Saluja Law Offices, we can help guide you through these areas so that your business is best positioned to realize its objectives.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Being bought, buying another business, or joining forces is a common part of today’s business climate. We can help guide you through the process. We are prepared to guide you through every aspect of a merger or acquisition, from financing, regulatory approval, due diligence, deal structure, and post-acquisition operations.

Business Advisors

At Saluja Law Office, we are business advisors. We are big enough to handle large transactions but small enough to give you the personal service and attention you want and deserve. We know your time is important, and we’ll take of your needs without getting lost in obscure points of law. We are there to give you legal advice or help you negotiate the deal.

Types of Transactions

We have experience in a variety of transactions, including:

  • Asset Sales and Purchases
  • Stock Sales and Purchases
  • Mergers, Including Tax-Free
  • Reorganizations
  • Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances
  • Leverage Buyouts
  • Recapitalizations
  • Spin-Offs/Split-Offs


Franchising law is different in every state. In West Virginia, primarily federal statutes guide franchising law. The United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Franchise Rule applies throughout the U.S. and regulates only disclosure laws. In addition to basic franchising law, there are several sets of regulations that manage legal and ethical business dealings, such as:

  • Disclosure Law – Disclosure law regulates things like a mandatory cooling-off period prior to a franchise sale, any prohibited franchise sales activities, and what pre-sale disclosures are required. This is the only type of franchise law among the three main types enforced in West Virginia.
  • Registration Law – Registration law requires the franchisee to register advertising, register franchise sales representatives, and to register the franchise itself.
  • Relationship Law – Relationship law controls specific portions of the relationship between the franchisee and the franchisor, including the requirement that franchisees are treated equally, the grounds for not renewing a franchise relationship, the notice and cure periods, requirements prior to termination, and the acceptable grounds for terminating a franchise.

Real Estate

Saluja Law Offices assists owners, buyers, sellers, builders, developers, and financial institutions in all types of real estate transactions, from simple purchases or sales to multi-million dollar developments. Whether the project is a shopping center, apartment complex, office building, warehouse building, mixed-use, or industrial development, we have the experience to provide

counsel in the structuring, zoning, acquisition, financing, construction, leasing, sale, or tax-deferred exchange of that project.

Saluja Law Offices can assist you with commercial leasing, condemnation, environmental issues, tax matters, syndication, and title insurance.