Our clients benefit from more than twenty years of legal experience at Saluja Law Offices, including experience in multiple areas of state and federal law. From our office located in Charleston, West Virginia, Saluja Law Offices proudly represents clients throughout the state facing a multitude of legal challenges, as provided in more detail below.

A Variety of Legal Services and Practice Areas

At Saluja Law Offices, we represent clients across multiple areas of the law, and are skilled at providing comprehensive solutions to real-life legal matters. Our team is dedicated to providing guidance for services, both legal and otherwise, in order to ensure that you get the best results possible. At Saluja Law Offices, you can count on our team to provide you with superior legal representation in the following practice areas:

Immigration Law – At Saluja Law Offices, we can handle your immigration law needs with confidence and precision. Specifically, our firm has knowledge of Worksite Compliance rules, I-9 Form guidelines and penalties, I-130 Petitions, and other important immigration law matters.

  • Immigration Removal Proceedings Representation – A Removal Proceeding is an extremely pressing legal matter, and can be very complex. The government will have attorneys working on its behalf, so it is important that you obtain legal representation that will protect your interests. Our firm has experience representing individuals in Removal Proceedings, as well as offering guidance to clients throughout the process.
  • Visas – With over 185 different types of visas, there are many ways to gain temporary or permanent access to the U.S., including temporary residence or permanent citizenship. Every case is different, and not every petition is right for every situation. Saluja Law Offices can navigate even the most complex visa petitions and help clients find a successful resolution to their case.
  • EB– The EB-5 Visa is particularly complex and requires a complete understanding of the process and requirements for EB-5 visas. EB-5 visa are denied more often than granted, which is why an experienced attorney can make all the difference in successful approval.

Family Law – At Saluja Law Offices, we offer comprehensive family law services for clients in various legal situations, including divorce, child custody disputes, grandparent’s rights petitions, and prenuptial agreements.

Business Law – As a former General Counsel and President of an environmental construction company, Paul Saluja is knowledgeable across a wide range of general business law areas including environmental law, employment law, contracts, corporate formations, and franchising law.

Mass Torts Litigation – A mass tort is a single wrongful action that causes injury to many people.  These injured people come together in a single lawsuit to seek justice for their individual injuries against a single or a small number of Defendants.