Family Law

Saluja Law Offices offers family law services to clients throughout West Virginia. Our team is dedicated to meeting the robust legal needs of families in a wide range of legal situations. You can be assured that Paul Saluja will approach your family law case with care and respect. As a skilled and experienced mediator, Mr. Saluja can guide you through difficult decisions regarding your case where two parties may be at odds. Mr. Saluja has experience negotiating favorable terms for his clients no matter how complex the issue may be, and he can leverage his experience to help defend your interests in a family law dispute.

West Virginia Family Law Attorney Advocates for Clients

Paul Saluja and his team are well aware that dealing with a divorce or other family law-related issues can produce significant strain on all parties involved. As such, the Saluja Law Offices compassionately focuses on many aspects of family law, with a primary emphasis on the following areas:

Divorce – If you are considering a divorce, or have started the process, you likely have many questions. At Saluja Law Offices, you have the benefit of consulting with an attorney who can provide quality advice and advanced negotiation skills. Divorce may be contested or uncontested, and in either case requires negotiating the desires of each party with what is reasonable, equitable, and legal.

Child Custody – If you are having trouble negotiating child custody during or after divorce, you need an attorney who has experience with state guidelines, and who has the ability to advocate for your interests with sensitivity and respect. Child custody negotiations generally include establishing child custody, creating a parenting plan, enforcement measures, visitation rights, and more. One of the most commonly disputed areas of child custody is child support, which is established using a formula to calculate the amount. At Saluja Law Offices, we work hard to help parents reach child custody and child support agreements that will protect the best interests of the child, and be equitable to the parents.

Post-divorce issues – After divorce, circumstances may change or a spouse may fail to follow through on their court ordered responsibilities. When this happens, it may become necessary to revisit issues that were previously settled in the divorce decree. If you or your ex-spouse is unable to follow through on court ordered requirements, Saluja Law Offices can help enforce or modify the terms of the divorce decree.

Grandparents’ rights – Often, one of the most difficult areas for a separating family is the right of grandparents to continue to care for their grandchildren. In many cases, grandparents are the primary caregivers of children involved in family law matters. In these cases, it is important for grandparents to obtain legal representation to protect their rights. Similarly, grandparents who become unable to visit with their grandchildren due to divorce or separation can also benefit from the guidance of an experienced family law attorney.

Prenuptial agreements – Prenuptial agreements are an excellent way for future spouses to protect their individual and marital property, assets, and legal rights. Saluja Law Offices can help prepare a prenuptial agreement that is organized, fair, and legally binding.

Post-marital consultations – If one or both spouses experience a substantial change in their economic situation, it may be necessary to consider a post-marital consultation. Post-marital consultations are beneficial for modification of prenuptial agreements, or creation of a postnuptial agreement. Substantial changes that may result in a post-marital consultation include changes in business holdings, investments, inheritance, or large real estate purchases.